Mitigating PQ problems

For each problem, no matter how big it is, there’s a solution.
Thanks to our rich experience, expert knowledge, dedication of our engineers and exceptional technical equipment, we are on good terms with problems. Use that to your advantage.

Avalon Partners has unique approach to solving the problems related to quality of voltage in industrial, distributive and transmission power grids. Thanks to our rich experience, expert knowledge of our engineers and exceptional measurement equipment, we have the privilege to be able to detect and understand the causes of some of the most complex occurrences in modern power engineering. On top of that, we are passionate about problem-solving, dedicated to the process of constant learning and professional development, as well as obsessed with the state-of-the-art hardware and software in this field. Therefore, our promise is quite simple: all our knowledge and technology will be used to discover the cause of your problem and engineer the optimal technical solution.