Power Quality

Avalon Partners is a company like no other when it comes to the approach to solving the problems related to the power quality in industrial, distribution and transmission power grids. The knowledge and technology we possess will serve the purpose of finding the cause and optimal technical solution for your problem. We are on good terms with voltage – what about you?

The power quality (or the voltage quality, in a narrower sense) is a field of power engineering, which is developing at the fastest rate at this moment due to its huge impact on grid stability, reliability, and losses. The power quality project comprises: measurements, analysis and management of occurrences which affect the voltage (and current) waveform, distorting it from an ideal sine wave of nominal amplitude and frequency.

When there is a distortion of voltage and power in electrical systems, the cause of the problem is hardly ever visible and it always comes down to simultaneous influence of various factors. That’s why the process of solving a problem requires experience, knowledge and technology. We have combined all these key aspects in our Avalon Partners engineering team, and for 20 years now we have been successfully solving even the most challenging issues, but we let our testimonials speak for themselves.