Reactive power compensation

We are one of the oldest and largest producers of power factor correction and harmonic filtering equipment in the SEE. With a 20 years old tradition we are delivering state-of-the-art devices with higest performances that are sold across the whole region.

We are offering a unique Avalon Total RpoweR service  that warranties a maximum increase in energy efficiency and return on investment in reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering equipment at any voltage level.

Avalon Total RpoweR is your 6 in 1 solution since our all-encompassing approach offers:

  • measuring and analyzing of reactive power profiles, as well as other power quality parameters relevant for the design
  • designing and planning optimal technical solutions for the reactive power compensation (power, type of filter, type of regulation, ambient working conditions)
  • production of capacitor banks
  • installation and commissioning
  • verification of results
  • guaranteed savings