Power Quality Studies and analyses


For over 20 years now, Avalon Partners conducts high-quality complex studies and analyses of power engineering systems, which include the analysis of the quality of voltage, the influence of loads on the quality of voltage, analysis of the power grid response in the frequency domain, the position of resonance points, as well as recommends technical solutions for specific problems.

For the benefit of our customers, we use the latest cutting-edge measuring equipment and a great number of mutually synchronized portable PQ analyzers and transient recorders for field measurements, which is why we are capable to simultaneously measure even the most complex disturbances and load flows at various measuring spots.

Such a recorded data will be processed by the most sophisticated software platforms designated for analysis  of transient phenomena, power load flow, higher harmonics load flow, resonance conditions, active energy losses and other uncommon occurrences in the system. If there are any issues in your grid, we shall capture it.

Using professional power system analysis software, our engineers will build a detailed model of your power grid, with all the specific loads and working regimes. Precise recordings from previous step will be used to optimize model parameters and increase model accuracy. Such a model will be than used to: test full range of load flow what-if scenarios, optimize power losses, analyse harmonic load flow, predict voltage quality at particular points of the system, any many other analysis required for optimal and reliable utilization of the grid.

This way one gets a realistic insight into what exactly is happening in the power grid, which is the basis for drawing precise conclusions in terms of grid exploitation, reliable and safe use.

On top of that, we offer extensive experience and expertise of our engineers, as well as our knowledge base of a huge number of successfully solved problems. With such all-encompassing, in-depth and professional approach, every user is guaranteed professional, reliable, and optimal solution to their specific problem.

The quality of our work, professionalism and results have been recognized by leading companies and factories in the country and region, for whom we have done a great number of measurements, analyses and studies. So, we invite you to contact us and describe your problem, since we are sure that we will be able to help you!

Our standard procedure includes the following:

  • Power quality measurements of steady state and transient regimes
  • Engineering analysis of recorded data
  • Conclusions in terms of power quality according to international standards and existing engineering practice
  • Building and optimizing grid model with specific load
  • Simulation of power system response, what-if analysis
  • Technical solutions proposal to power quality problem
  • Testing and optimizing solution’s parameters
  • Simulation of grid response after the installation of chosen technical solution

Contact us, for what presents a problem to you, to us is a challenge.