Active energy savings



Do you want to go to the limits and save every bit of your electricity bill? Let’s talk one on one.

We shall  measure preliminarily the degree of active energy losses in your power grid, as well as potential  energy savings with a technical proposal and a defined pay-back period. We are at your disposal to optimize your electricity expenses together.

Electromagnetic conditions in which electrical equipment operates (motors, frequency converters, furnaces, transformers, cables, etc.) is far from ideal, however, in 99.5% of cases, the equipment works as expected, or at least it seems so. Modern equipment is designed to withstand a certain level of bad quality of voltage, but such robustness is not free of charge. Operational costs of utilized equipment, more specifically, the consumption of electricity, are always somewhat greater it the equipment is operating under low power quality conditions.

Intuitively it is clear that the consumption of energy is not and cannot be the same when the motor or frequency converter or any other piece of equipment operates under the conditions where the power supply voltage is perfectly clean and under the conditions where voltage is far from perfect (distortions, variations, drops, etc.). Practical results show that it is due to the difference between 2% and more (in the worst cases exceeding 10%), depending on the extent the voltage quality is reduced.

Avalon Partners offers an inclusive service, from measuring and analyzing losses, to delivery and commissioning energy saving equipment, and finally, verification of savings that ensued! Contact us, and we will conduct preliminary estimate of the extent of losses in your power grid and deliver the report on losses and potential savings, while providing a guarantee for pay-back period. We are at your disposal to optimize your electricity expenses, so don’t hesitate to call us!