PQ measurement systems

If you have ever had a trouble with voltage disturbances or the effects of transient occurrences, you probably know how important it is to record these transients by using hardware that boasts utmost precision, high-velocity recording and sufficient memory to record all the data. We deliver, install and maintain exactly these kinds of professional measuring systems.

The main characteristic of these systems is the fact that they measure the quality of voltage in real time and record transients with high resolution in time and amplitude domain. Our cutting-edge systems guarantee permanent measuring and recording of all relevant PQ parameters with high resolution (1024 samples per cycle), as well as transients without any triggers or thresholds or limits in duration of recording. This way, not a single occurrence in voltage and current can go unrecorded, and customer has a detailed insight into all the occurrences. When you add to that the time synchronization of analyzers across the WAN which is of size up to 1us, you get the system that offers unparalleled monitoring of power quality, transients and propagation of disturbances throughout the depth of power system. It is needless to say that apart from the exceptional hardware, the system includes exceptional software package, which allow for extremely simple analysis of recorded data, regardless of the quantity of data or number of measuring points.

The most common users of such systems are usually companies which experience problems with disturbances in voltage and current, originating either from their own industrial grid or from utility power grid.

Contact us so that we can arrange a presentation and demonstration of latest measuring equipment and analysis software, and provide you with a set of typical case studies dealing with real-life situations we have come across.