Avalon Partners – About us

Avalon Partners is specialized in delivering technical solutions that are reducing electrical losses, improving power quality and mitigating disturbance injection into the grid, accompanied with software solutions for monitoring and constant improvement of the energy efficiency and power quality.

We are offering an encompassing portfolio of power devices and services that are solving wide spectrum of power problems. We had gone beyond standard procedures like: power factor correction, harmonic filtering, power quality measuring, …; and are able to control reactive power and harmonics flow of extreme dynamics and amplitude, our in-house developed control algorithms help us use reactive power to overcome issues like voltage drops, resonances, power losses, power flow optimisation …

Over the years we had been strategically building our professional team and strengthening the technical base with latest measuring equipment and software tools for grid modeling and disturbance analysis. Our team of professionals in highly educated, experienced, equipped and ready to dive into solving specific problems in power engineering.

If you feel you have a specific problem, that could not be easily solved with off-the-shelf solutions and standard approach, than Avalon Partners ideal solution for you.

We are persistent workaholics with knowledge and determination to find a solution. Our solutions are innovative, high performing, reliable and long lasting. We do not compromise with component quality or design reliability. Our goal is to increase customer’s energy efficiency and improve power quality, that will generate a steady revenue stream for many years to come.

Avalon Partners started operations in 1996. and had successfully concluded over 800 projects in power quality, disturbance mitigation and energy efficiency. We are fast growing and extending our operations beyond regional borders. Some of most demanding and complex projects in the region of SE Europe are our references and we are proud about it. Through cooperation with Avalon Partners our customers had saved more than 25 Million Euros and still counting, which makes us unique in the region. Because of that we call our reference list a “millionaire club”. You are invited to join the club.