Low-voltage reactive power compensation

High-standard solutions for low-voltage systems.

Over the last 20 years Avalon Partners had been maintaining its position of the biggest and oldest local manufacturer for reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering equipment. Avalon Partners manufactures its own brand of power factor correction cabinets – Avalon RpoweR. The design of these cabinets is based on our long experience in the field of reactive power compensation, so that our clients are provided with robust, secure and completely customized system that offers best technology available:

  • capacitors produced from high quality dielectric film originating from European factories,
  • latest control technology providing high accuracy and low wear of components with minization of switching operations,
  • modern controllers with monitoring of all power parameters (U, I, PF, THD, harmonics, …),
  • real time monitoring of capacitors’ dielectric condition and protection against failure.kompenzacija reaktivne snage

Postrojenje kompenzacije reaktivne snage

We design, manufacture and commission reactive power compensation systems of broad spectrum:

  • type: all-capacitor, anti-resonant and tuned filters, hybrid filters
  • regulation: contactor, thyristor, mixed
  • level of protection: from IP00 to IP65
  • installation: retrofitting of existing cabinets, new cabinets

Design of the cabinets, among other things, takes into consideration the following crucial aspects:

  • the analysis of reactive power flows and harmonics load for each separate capacitor
  • the impact of electrical transients upon switching on the capacitor
  • calculation of thermal loads and optimization of airflow
  • reduced vibrations and acoustic noise
  • calculation of the impact of dynamic forces

Owing to the careful selection of the high-quality components and design of all switchboard elements which takes into consideration the broadest spectrum of electromagnetic and atmospheric influences, we are proud to say that RpoweR series provides:

  • the longest guarantee period
  • the lowest losses
  • the lowest working temperature of components
  • the greatest reliability at work, ideal for facilities which include the presence of people

In case you are just starting to work on your reactive power compensation project, consider our unique Avalon Total RpoweR service, which guarantees best results and maximum savings!