Reactive power compensation

Reactive power is the pillar of stability of every electrical system. There are so many power system parameters that depend on the reactive power, such as frequency and voltage, stability of electrical system, the flow of higher harmonics, the position of resonance points, transient processes in switching on the engines, transformers, cables, etc.

Having in-depth knowledge about the nature and behavior of reactive power, that is, of all the laws of physics that determine the interaction between reactive power and other electrical units, is of the utmost importance for finding engineering solutions for a wide variety of problems that can occur in an electrical system. Likewise, experience and expertise are crucial for successful implementation of pre-planned technical solutions. Avalon Partners possesses both of these qualities.

As a result of deep technical knowledge, professionalism and organisational skills  we had become the biggest and oldest manufacturer of equipment for reactive power compensation and filtering of higher harmonics in South-eastern Europe. Our manufacturing plant has produced cutting-edge cabinets with outstanding performance which are available in the whole region. Our Avalon Total RpoweR approach guarantees an optimal technical solution for each individual case, reliable and safe work of the electrical systems, elimination of reactive power, as well as a quick return on investment.

For over 25 years, Avalon Partners manufactures the equipment for reactive power compensation on low and medium voltage, with contactor and thyristor regulation or custom-made regulation tailored to meet your specific needs.

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