Energy efficiency


There are different approaches to achieving energy efficiency. What everybody mostly offers is “to reduce your losses.” Thanks to our two-decade long experience, we are the only ones who offer “to boost your earnings,” which will additionally improve your energy-saving efforts and ensure a fast return on investment.

Electrical energy efficiency is an area of power engineering, which, in a narrow sense, deals with reduction of losses in the process of converting electrical energy in other types of energy (mechanical, cooling, heating, etc.). In the broader sense, electrical energy efficiency deals with the reduction of all the losses related to use of electrical energy during the production process, which includes the efficiency of converting electrical energy and the quality of voltage during the power supply.

Reduction of losses is the main source of savings for one manufacturing plant, taking into consideration the dominant role of electrical energy in great number of companies, as well as the trend of constant rise in prices of electricicity. The significance of these savings is even greater because they are achieved with already existing lines and existing production technology – there is no need for expensive investments and long production halts.

Investing in the reduction of losses and rationalization of power consumption typically pays off in two to four years time. Nowadays, in the era of strong competition and high pressure to reduce operating costs, it is difficult to find an investment with better effects and shorter pay-back period. Even the simplest rationalization activities can reduce the bill for consumed electrical energy for about 3-7%. By applying all the rationalization measures, it is possible to save up to 7-15%. In practice, it is even plausible to save even more than that; however, as a rule of thumb, these are specific cases.

Our mode of operations means that we will carry out precise measurements and detailed analysis of losses of both active and reactive power in your plant – this is what makes us a unique company in the region. Our engineers will conduct professional measurements and detailed analysis for a particular case, and as a result, we will send you the estimation of potential savings, the value of investment, and pay-back period.

The rationalization of expenses does not only mean the reduction of electricity bills. Owing to our expertise and innovative technical solutions we can improve the quality of voltage in the industrial power grid. By solving problems such as voltage drops, high-level of harmonic content, voltage and power transients, etc., we maximize the usability of existing resources and generate significant profit to our clients through: reducing the number and period of interruptions during the manufacturing process, reducing the number of unexpected malfunctions, reducing the write-offs, while boosting the production capacity and the quality of the final product, unloading of transformers… You already know what we are talking about, right? 