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Avalon Partners

About Us

We are company originating from region that donated to mankind Nikola Tesla, Mileva Einstein, Mihailo Pupin and other “Prometeuses of the modern era”. We are proving the genetical talent for innovation for almost 25 years in more than 800 energy efficiency projects. Bold in the approach, dedicated to our mission and cordial in our communication, we are a different solution to your problems. We are “best friends with voltage” which brought to our then customers, now friends a savings of more than 25.000.000 euros, and still counting.

Avalon Partners


Global supplier of innovative technical solutiuions that provide to future generations a secure energy efficiency with guaranteed preservation of natural resources.

Avalon Partners


Provider of most innovative and reliable technical solutions and products for improvement of electrical-energy efficiency and power quality for industrial users in low- and medium- voltage, that secures for its customers: an increase in utilisation degree of energy and machinery, fast return on investments and increase in profits.

Avalon Partners



We had courage to accept solving even most daring problems in the best interest of our clients. Thanks to our individual approach to problems and outside the box solutions, each of our customers receives a unique, tailor-made solution. After 25 years of experience and daring approach, we are recognised as “task force” to whom every problem is just another new solvable challenge.


We are focused to the root cause analysis of problems and until we do not come to a dedicated solution, the best and optimal one for particular customer - we do not settle down. Such a dedication to solving problems, recommended us to more than 800 projects bringing our customers savings of more than 25 Mil. euros .


We are bringing our minds into our job, but also our harts and souls. With directness in communication we are coming out of preconceptions in our bussiness, where people start to act like machines they are working on. We believe machines are there to serve menkind, not the other way around. We proved ourselves with cordiality and our former clients became our present and future friends.

Avalon Partners



Professional expertise, providing quality services, without afterwards complaints, with the added value of saving time and money to customers, is what we are recommended for for more than two decades of work.


Root cause analysis, innovative solutions and implementation of optimal and tailor-made technical solutions had recommended us to the market as creative leaders that are setting new standards.


Speed of response to first call, short lead time to on-site visit, measurement, problem analysis, as well as shortest possible design and implementation time of optimal technical solution is our pledge for fast return of investment and profit increase of our customers.